"My new album Aquairus is going to be out August, September, or somebody’s gonna die and it won’t be me." Meet Tinashe + 6 other music acts to know this summer.

Title: Tinashe Checks In (Extended Version)

Artist: DJ Mustard

Played: 1090 times


Forrest & Trey… Bros before hoes


in celebration of the top model premiere tonight I reblogged one of my favorite gifs!

Title: Yoncé

Artist: Beyoncé

Played: 1805949 times


Recorded on Jay-Z’s iPhone. No amped mic, no reverb. JUST Bey.


She sang that song. Will reblog this every time

I sure will Bey anytime



Ferguson Police conveniently forgot to publicly release this part of the footage.

It shows Michael Brown paying for the pack of cigars he supposedly stole.

The officer who murdered Michael did not know he was a ‘suspect of a robbery’, so the tape of him ‘stealing’ the cigars have no relation to the killing.

But this footage is important because it proves that the police are trying to justify Mike’s murder by slandering his character.




i am quoting this a thousand times today.

RIP mike brown.

We don’t get fair trials, because we have to be considered human before we can be considered citizens. 



just in case there’s anyone in Ferguson who’s following info on tumblr as well

sadly, with the way the police are out, marching, and ready for the curfew (with dogs), there are some people that may need this

"We are prepping for a night if jail support. Call 314 862 2249 if you or friend arrested."